Beth’s Going to Omaha Code School!

Last year, we hired our first employee, Beth Haubert, as Director of Operations. Beth has since been a vital part of our organization, acting in a variety of roles helping manage the rigors of running a business.

When Beth signed on last summer, part of her and our plan was to eventually enable her to attend Omaha Code School and learn software development skills. We had planned for that to happen sooner, but we’re now ready to announce with joy that Beth has enrolled in the upcoming Omaha Code School class and will be a coder in no time!

As with all of Omaha Code School’s students, Beth is quitting her job to attend the full-time, intensive program. So in addition to the joy with which we announced the above, there’s a fair amount of sadness–Beth has been a huge part of our success and team.

While with us, Beth accomplished a great number of things. Highlights include attaining legal operating status for our school, building an end-to-end admissions/registrar process, consulting with Big Omaha on diversity and inclusivity at their conference, and producing a summer coding camp for high school students from north Omaha.

Everything Beth touched had a degree of class and quality that helped our company build its strong reputation. Whenever people interacted with Omaha Code School–whether at our events or online–they always mentioned the grace of our communication and distinctiveness of our space. We’re especially grateful to Beth for having helped us build a company and brand that are unique but also characteristic of who we are.

Thanks, Beth!

Watch out for Beth at tech meetups around town! We wish her the best of luck on her new career!

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