Beth Haubert Joins the Brigade

This summer is especially bright, as Beth joins our team as Director of Operations.

Beth Haubert

Beth is our first hire, and her foundational role encompasses duties too numerous to list and too varied to aptly contain in a single job title. Since starting five weeks ago, she’s become our point-person for legal, financial, and governmental matters (Yes, we have governmental matters). She’s also formalized our onboarding processes for clients and students, organized how we communicate internally, and overseen the buildout of the new Omaha Code School space (She did a fair bit of the buildout labor herself, too). She embarrasses Rahul and me with her efficiency daily, pushing us to work harder.

Beth’s background is diverse and impressive. Raised in rural Ohio, she found her way to Omaha via the Air Force. She served as an airborne Chinese linguist, deploying to Qatar and Okinawa. After completing her service, she attended the University of Nebraska–Lincoln and earned a B.S. from the College of Architecture. She worked at Birdhouse Interiors with Jessica McKay and then Holland Basham Architects before joining us.

Beth also embodies our mission to be compassionate members of the community. She volunteers her time to non-profits like Spielbound, helps raise funds for The Union for Contemporary Art, and is an active mentor with Big Brothers Big Sisters.

We’re grateful to have found someone so talented to fill such an important role, but we’re overjoyed that this person is also such a delight. Beth is a hilarious addition to our team chatroom, master of memes, philosopher, karaoke-ist, cat lady, and art collector.

You should follow Beth on Twitter (@bethanyhaubert) and can contact her at beth@

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