GOOD Maker Workshop Challenge

One of the things that motivates Big Wheel Brigade’s social good fund is our desire to demonstrate (and facilitate) the democratization of giving. In this vein, Big Wheel Brigade is sponsoring GOOD Maker’s July Challenge: Host a GOOD Workshop.

When we discovered GOOD Maker, we got in touch and very quickly were able to work with them on our first GOOD challenge. From the challenge page:

If you have skills, techniques, ideas, or knowledge to share that will positively affect your community, we want to hear your plan! Perhaps you will teach others how to maintain a sustainable home, host a bike repair workshop, or hold music lessons for underserved youth. If you have a skill that unites your community for a common good, let us know. The top-voted idea will be awarded a $1,000 grant from Big Wheel Brigade and GOOD to host a workshop.

Host a GOOD Workshop

You’ll have a few weeks to get your submission together, and then the last week of the month (starting July 24th), voting will begin.

In his talk at Big Omaha this year, Sahil Lavingia talked about how building software was a way for him to scale himself. Teaching is fantastic way to scale yourself. Teach someone how to do something, and let them help spread the good you do.

We hope you’ll find something in you that you can share with your community and help make it a better one.

Good luck!

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