Introducing Big Wheel Brigade

First thing’s first: Big Wheel Brigade is a software development and consulting shop with an eye on social good, specializing in Ruby on Rails, PHP (LAMP) and javascript. Hire us. We’ll do right by you.

Now that that’s out of the way, we can get a little more personal. We founded BWB in the fall of 2011 intending to build a software company on a platform of social good.

And so we have.

Our core business is to provide custom software development services. Along the way, we’ll be building products and partnering with companies which, in some way, align with how we try to live our lives: working hard to leave a meeting, a room, a life, a planet a little better off than before.

That’s a little highfalutin for a software company but we want our work to be a reflection of whom we strive to be as people. You can read more about all that in our statement on social good in the About section of our site.

We’re nearly 8 months into this business and have slowly been putting the pieces together to get this site launched. There’s more to add, but we were eager to get something up.

Hit us up if you have any questions. We’re friendly.

We’re Big Wheel Brigade. Nice to meet you.

Rahul Gupta & Sumeet Jain

P.S. Thanks to Bozell for our site design and brand. Pretty nifty, no?

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