The $29,000 Birthday Swim for Charity: Water

In 2010 we were introduced to Charity: Water by a talk given by its founder, Scott Harrison, at Big Omaha. Charity: Water helps bring clean, safe drinking water to people in developing countries. Scott’s talk inspired our cofounder, Rahul, to realign his priorities and planted the seed which has become Big Wheel Brigade.

This year, at the World Domination Summit, our friend, Sarah Peck, was similarly inspired by Scott. She is giving up her 29th birthday for Charity: Water, and has kicked off the $29,000 Birthday Swim. She is asking that we, in honor of her birthday, make donations of (at least) $29 to Charity: Water, with a goal of reaching $29,000.

Sarah Peck

If that goal is met, Ms. Peck will, in her birthday suit, swim 1.5 miles from Alcatraz to San Francisco.

To that end, Big Wheel Brigade will match 100 $29 donations.All told (your donations plus our match), that’ll be $5,800, or 20% of Sarah’s goal.

$5,800 will bring clean life-saving, life-granting, life-changing water to 290 people.

Please, donate today. Change a life. Your donation to Charity: Water is 100% tax-deductible, and they use 100% of public donations for funding water projects.

After you donate, tweet us, e-mail us, or post on the Big Wheel Brigade Facebook page. We’ll keep a list of donors we’re matching here (we can list you anonymously if you’d like) so you can be sure we’ve counted you.

Let’s do this.

[UPDATE: 9/17/2012 – For this week, we’ll be tripling 31 donations to help with a big push for the Water Party this week]

The Best Donors In The World (so far)

  1. Adam Smith
  2. Jacob Sokol
  3. Andy Stoll
  4. Beily Pan
  5. Evan Johnson
  6. Larissa Causi Milano
  7. Greg Meyer
  8. Lisa Martin
  9. Mary Beth Guff
  10. Jennifer Pitts
  11. Lloyd Chang
  12. Matthew Johnson
  13. Anonymous
  14. Chris Ramey
  15. Divya Balakrishnan
  16. Sean Swentek
  17. Dean Kesler
  18. Nicholas Pevzner
  19. David Bercovich
  20. Alex Silverman
  21. Brianna Haag
  22. Anne Lwenya
  23. Anonymous
  24. Brendan Marshall
  25. Amy Estes
  26. Rachel Eberhard
  27. Amber Rae
  28. Gabe Kangas (tripled!)
  29. Mike Battershell (tripled!)
  30. Andrew Wirick (tripled!)

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