Andrew Ek Joins the Brigade!

We’re so excited to be announcing our newest team-member, Andrew Ek.

Andrew is joining us in two roles: as a developer for Big Wheel Brigade, and as an educator and curriculum specialist for Omaha Code School.

Andrew Ek

As an Educator, Andrew will help us improve our curriculum and pedagogy. Andrew is part of the current Omaha Code School class, learning with the rest of the students. Since Andrew’s technical experience is far greater than that of a typical student, he is also acting as a teaching assistant for this course. While in class, he is evaluating Sumeet’s instruction and providing ongoing feedback. He’s begun building a larger library of teaching tools and resources for students; and with his help, we have improved our methods for tracking student progress throughout the course.

After graduating, Andrew will transition into a more technical role to grow his software development experience. Eventually, Andrew’s role will be a hybrid one: leading courses for Omaha Code School, developing curriculum, and working on Big Wheel Brigade client projects.

We’ve had our eye on Andrew for a long time.

We have tremendous respect for his engagement and work with non-profit organizations and the arts. Andrew has also been an integral part of the Nebraska Writers Collective, serving as Education Director, Board President, and Teaching Artist. As part of his work with the NWC, Andrew designed the curriculum and educational programming for the Louder Than a Bomb: Great Plains youth poetry festival (LTAB is one of the biggest poetry festivals in the world). He was also the coach of the 2013 and 2014 champion LTAB teams.

He is a Board Member of the Nebraska Leadership Seminar and was an adjunct instructor in the computer science department at the University of Nebraska – Omaha.

Andrew’s intelligence, humor, candor, and compassion make him a welcome member of our team. We’re looking forward to playing board games with him, benefiting from his cheeseburger connoisseurship, and discussing some of the many interesting articles he shares on Facebook.

You should follow Andrew on Twitter (@AndrewCEk) and can contact him at andrew@

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